turbo hayabusa

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    velocity stage 1 turbo rebuild kit?

    kinda new to turbos but i bought a gen1 busa with a velocity stage 1 kit a few weeks ago, ran perfect until this past weekend when it started to run like crap. checked the bike up and down and found out i have a MASSIVE oil leak coming from the turbo. i'm not absolutely sure on the exact size of...
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    My new toy: The Hayaboosta

    Hello busa community! I’ve been a member for a little over a month now and realized I haven’t posted any pics of my new toy. But first an intro. 2007 Gen 1 Hayabusa with 18k Stage 1 Hahn’s turbo kit -Rebuilt turbo -Custom log style plenum (I know I know) -Tial wastegate and bov -K&N Filter...