1. J

    Help!!! Need A Base Map For Velocity Stage Ii Turbo Kit Using Microtech!

    Needless to say I bought a used stage 2 velocity turbo kit and the base tune is completely screwed up. I need someone that can screen shoot a velocity map so I can manually enter the numbers and send me a pic of it or email it. I only have the handset right now so I really need a screen shot so...
  2. Franknbeans

    Tuner In Pittsburgh, Pa?

    Hey all, I'm not ready for a tune yet, but I need to start getting my eggs lined up when the car is ready to go. I know a bunch of car tuners. This is my first bike (motor) thus I don't know anyone that tunes them. I contacted my car guy and he said he could do it but I was leary when he...