1. S

    Suspension upgrade Gen 1

    Not looking for the usual upgrades. I’m more in the market for a 2 piece external suspension. The single shock from frame to rear frame isn’t what I want. I want to know if there’s any suspension upgrades from swing arm to rear frame 2 piece sets I can get.
  2. Skywalker

    Suspension Setup

    I simply found this to be very informative. Front/Rear adjustments, cold/warm suspension, tire manufactures variance & size, gearing. All plays a part. I'm no expert but seem to be good info here.
  3. bizzle

    Schnitz Raising Links Install

    BLUF (bottom-line up front): Good mod, not hard, happy with the results, only cost was cost of the bones, $48-ish including shipping. reference: JINKSTER SUSPENSION THREAD NOTE: JINKSTER addressed the Gen I busa, and suspension was updated on the Gen II, but his techniques are still valid...
  4. darkbusa

    Undertail Touch

    I just install a 330 tire OSD kit. I put my rear shock to H tension but still touching on the sides. Any suggestion.