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    Ohlins shock fitment

    Hi guys, Been wanting to do some suspension upgrades for a while and think I've decided on an Ohlins shock for the rear. The only one I've found is this one Hypersport TTX 36 Shock (SU 026) | Öhlins USA which states it only fits 2008-2012. I have a 2018 but have been told that shock would fit my...
  2. Ohlins Suspension Install

    Ohlins Suspension Install

    Holly crap! My spelling is so bad! I graduated from Virginia Tech so think about that before sending your kids there! My favorite mod! Next to brakes it's the Busa's biggest weakness.
  3. Shawn721

    More Improvement Advice Needed

    I have 2014 Hayabusa that I like to take to track days sometimes. It has r77 full exhaust, power commander, autotune (I know this is not the favorite of most guys here but the dyno air fuel ratio says it's working good). I just ordered brembo brake master cylinder, reservoir, single banjo line...