slip on

  1. K

    Gen 2 slip-ons on gen3!!

    had a Gen2 TBR slip ons lying around, so just to experiment fabricated a bend pipe to fit on the stock headers, and voila fits like a glove, sounds good, not too loud, no modifications done whatsoever to the headers or the mufflers:super::super: what do u think???
  2. M

    yoshimura R77 pipe sizing??

    What is the pipe size for slip on that work with the gen 2 yoshimura headers and mid pipe??
  3. B

    Dual yoshis gen 2 hayabusa

    I’m in Houston Texas make me an offer
  4. Hunter

    Two Brothers M2 Tuning

    Hey guys! So I recently ordered a set of M2 cans for my first gen busa, and was wondering whether I needed to tune the bike after installing them. I eventually plan to buy a Power Commander, but i just dropped a lot of money on the cans themselves and can't really afford that right now. Should I...