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  1. childwithabusa

    Need Help Dont know where to start

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  2. Need Help Dont know where to start

    Need Help Dont know where to start

    my recently bought 2006 Hayabusa has problems I don't know where to start. the bike has a pcV on it not sure what tune it has, it will occasionally die at random while really getting on it, it surges and bogs down as the headlight will go in and out, the previous owner told me it might need a...
  3. G

    Gen 1 hayabusa not going past 3000 rpms

    Please for the love of god. Someone help me. I will literally Venmo you or whatever if you help me fix it. I picked up a 2001 Hayabusa. The guy said it would start but die. He added a external switch for the fan(who knows why) Anyway, I got it home, changed the spark plugs and it fired right...
  4. T

    Help Please

    1999 busa running (rough) It was dropping #3. #4 wood pick upon mid to high rpm, swapped fuel pump,no better, then I went In today .so now I got a new ecm fuel pump , spark plugs, an At idle its 2000rpms and so rich your eyes will burns but high rpm's it leans way out , I did put on a pc5 full...