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  1. harrisonj89

    Valve cover gasket. Failure Stage 1

    Good morning everyone, I have done a fair but of research and pretty sure this is what it is but I'd like solid confirmation from those that have seen it. 2007 Stock Motor w/RCCs Stage one kit running 7lbs. 95 degree weather here in Texas and I took the bike out for about an hour or so. Came...
  2. J

    2006 Hayabusa Overheating!

    Hi all My busa overheated for the first time today and I've ridden it about 300-400 miles with no issues of overheating. It overheated while ridding about 60 and died on me. All this talk about the fans, mine hasn't even came on once. Fuse is good. Coolant is burped. Oil still clean. Radiator...