oil change

  1. Dancallun

    Stripped Oil Drain Plug Metal Shavings a Problem?

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and need some advice about and oil change I did. Mine is a 2011 16k miles, just got it 3 weeks ago from a small dealer/mechanic. Did the oil change with Motul racing oil and when I put the drain plug back in it felt like it was already stripped, it was also pretty...
  2. Zee

    Oil change on Gen 2 2017

    So after weeks of trying to make an appointment with this particular dealer in Auburn, Mass (such an ass) I decided to do the oil change myself. I have a 2017 busa that has 4500 miles on it. Never did something like this before so was kind of nervous but things went pretty Smooth and well...
  3. Skywalker

    Side Panels Not Fitting at Bottom

    Pulled both side panels off for oil/filter change to include drain/flush radiator... I've done my Gen I many times with no problems. My Gen II went off very well until the last two push pins.... I tried three times to get these side panels to join properly at the bottom with the attached...
  4. Skywalker

    Royal Purple 10w-40 Oil

    Hey, don't want to cause a stampede but thought I would share this. I just came from Advance Auto Parts to buy oil/filter for BLUSA's first oil change. I called and they have the RP MTRCYCLE oil and KN Filter. I go and the guy rang it up.... $2.50 per quart. What... yep! Code 5...
  5. Davidvon

    Oil And Filter Change 2006 Gen. 1 Hayabusa

    Here's a video that walks you through changing the oil and filter on your gen. 1 'Busa. It's an easy job. Have fun!