1. Projekt2nr

    new here, here's my 1397cc Widow Maker

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item new here, here's my 1397cc Widow Maker. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. new here, here's my 1397cc Widow Maker

    new here, here's my 1397cc Widow Maker

    hi, figured i would showcase my bike Nitrous DynoJet Quick shifter 1397 big bore 84mm pistons 530 chains Jackshaft Harley 300 wheel Metzeler tires Custom swingarm over 4ft Nitrous fogger setup Hid/led lights and ballasts Smoked lenses Mirror block offs Handlebar mirror Custom JB...
  3. D

    MPS switch swapper with Nos Mini

    Hey guys looking for some help on wiring these two. Basically once my starter button is controlling the nitrous, I need that to send signal to activate ramp setup in mini. My confusion is the only option I can see is sending signal from starter button to trigger input on nos mini. The problem is...
  4. nitroid

    Suicide Suzie

  5. F

    Wet Nitrous Fuel Tap Help.

    Hello everyone i have decided to install a wet kit on my gen 1 busa. Ive installed nitrous on a car before where i tapped the fuel feed from the fuel filter banjo bolt. My question is can i purchase a fuel rail tee for the busa and get fuel from there or will it cause lean conditions. Do i...