1. ControlledKaoz

    Some new pics of the new Busa

    This thread is for the general discussion of the 3rd generation hayabusa Some new pics of the new Busa. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Some new pics of the new Busa

    Some new pics of the new Busa

  3. pashnit

    45 Days on a Gen3 Hayabusa - 2023 Pashnit Touring

    Prolog: Prepping the new Pashnit Gen3 Hayabusa for touring In case you missed it, Last 2022 season's 12,000 miles of touring on a Hayabusa Last year's Ride Season wrapped up with the tour alumni presenting me with a 20th anniversary helmet they all collaborated on and had made. It was an...
  4. pashnit

    A Perfectly Good Bridge

    A friend asked if I wanted to jump off a perfectly good bridge, attached to an elastic tether known as a bungee. She was a cute redhead and had a Porsche. The decision wasn’t difficult. Now being young, jumping off a perfectly good bridge with a cute redhead sounded like great fun for a Friday...
  5. Giovanny

    You got to see it to believe it LOL

    Not sure if you guys seen this but I thought it was funny lol , seen this in a you tube post so I brought it here for you guys to see.
  6. Jellyrug's lady

    Jellyrug's lady