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  1. Ratlin’busa

    Lots done as of late to my 2006.

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Lots done as of late to my 2006.. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Lots done as of late to my 2006.

    Lots done as of late to my 2006.

    I made a bunch of changes to my ‘06 since last time I posted. Went back to stock wheel base(removed the extensions. Installed a Brembo brake master with ‘04-‘06 R1 calipers. Stainless braided lines front and rear. Arashi Wave rotors front and rear. EBC HH pads front and rear. Removed the...
  3. Throttletube

    DMV Skill Test with the Hayabusa

    Has anyone else done their DMV Skill test on the Busa? I have to admit it was challenging to complete the circles within the testing range. It was good fun!
  4. Throttletube

    Gen 1 ripping the canyons

    The Gen 1 is smooth if you know how to ride it up there in the Twisties!
  5. mat_rock

    DIY ECU Flashing Interface

    I remember seeing the ‘How to’ for building a DIY ECU Flashing Interface. I can’t seem to find it now. Anyone has the instructions on how to make one? Gen1 Hayabusa 2007.
  6. Vexray

    New to Boosa!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say hello and show off my new dream! I picked it up about 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it! Especially the exhaust on it, the dual exhuast is so loud but it keeps eyes on me. Still a bit finnicky with highways though as there is more than enough power there for me LOL.
  7. D

    Is it possible to fit a Gen 1 240 swingarm kit on a 2013 Gen 2?

    Someone is trying to sell me a 240 kit with wheels for my 2013 Gen 2, but he says its for a Gen 1 and all I have to do is change the front hub. I'm not sure what the difference of the 2 Generations and if this is possible.
  8. The Magic School Bus

    Valve Clearance, Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Adjuster Install, and Cam Chain, Tensioner, and Guides Inspection.

    Ok just throwing it out there, I see a ton of valve clearance threads, tried to sift through most of them for wisdoms. I have been preparing for days and today I am opening the cylinder head cover (my first time doing this). :banana: Patient- 2005 GSX1300R 36,000 miles First thing I am doing...
  9. Dracken

    Gen 1 lowering strap install points

    I have the Brock's lowering strap kit, and the tie down brackets won't fit my stock Tokico calipers. I'm guessing I have to connect the straps to the top of the caliper bolts, does that mean you can't run them with the reflectors? My bike is setup for street/strip. Thanks!
  10. D

    Charging issues

    1st gen hayabusa 2004 not charging Measured continuity between 3 yellow wires all reading 0.4 ohms Measured AC voltage from stator when reving 60+ volts One of the wires doesnt have voltage at all when revving the engine... Do all three wires are suposed to have voltage or only 2 of them? The...
  11. S

    Suspension upgrade Gen 1

    Not looking for the usual upgrades. I’m more in the market for a 2 piece external suspension. The single shock from frame to rear frame isn’t what I want. I want to know if there’s any suspension upgrades from swing arm to rear frame 2 piece sets I can get.
  12. K

    What do i use to get the swing arm bolt out??

    Been reading threads and I don't see anyone saying what the used exactly to get the swing arm bolt out. I'm changing swing arms and I'm frustrated because i don't know what to use. Please can someone help asap! I have both side buts off and I know its threaded in there so what do I use to turn...
  13. Gen I Facelift

    Gen I Facelift

    Changed most cosmetic pieces. Swapped out major electrical parts for new & upgraded hoses & filters. LED body kit, headlight halos and LED wheel pods were installed.
  14. mrbush803

    First startup

    Hey everybody. I recently got my dads Gen 1 Busa. He wrecked it back in 2011/2012 (all cosmetic). Since then, its been sitting in the garage out of the weather and covered up. I replaced oil and filter, plugs, radiator and coolant, clutches, and switched over to a tank with an internal fuel...
  15. U

    Gen 1 service manual download

    Hello guys, I had in the past but I lost it when I formatted my PC. I searched everywhere. Would anyone of you be kind to share it with me please? And also the supplementary manual too. Greatly appreciated. Thanks, Abdulla
  16. fast_pace77

    DIY flush mount led GSXR turn signals

    Yes, it is true; we all at one point in the adventure we call modding find ourselves pondering just how to rid ourselves of the plague that is... OEM mirrors. Lol Their dismal future is inevitable. I give you, the 'functional block-off plate'. Turn signals. Ok, enough shenanigans. So...
  17. J

    04’ Busa

    Hey guys had my visa little over a year and just finished getting everything the way I like it. What do you guys think ?
  18. B

    Gen 1 - Recommended Mods For 1st Drag Bike

    Hi I'm sure this has been covered many times, so apologies if so. Can anyone recommend some basic mods to convert a stock Gen 1 into a drag bike? Initially I will focus on getting the chassis right, and learn to get the most out of it, then i will look at more radical engine mods etc. Any...
  19. Davidvon

    Puig Racing Windscreen, 2006 Hayabusa

    Here's a short video on the Puig racing windscreen that I just installed on my 2006 Hayabusa. It was easy to install, it fits well, looks good, and it's effective. Ride safely!
  20. abdul

    Hayabusa 2006 Clutch Disengage

    Hey, I have hayabusa 2006 that I rebuilt the second gear and put new clutch on. Sometime, when I gave it a full throttle no matter what gears is on, the rev goes up the bike stop going. it only happens when I am over 80 miles. I remember that mechanic of the shop told me that he changed Rod...