fuel tank repair

  1. Zee

    Gen 2 fuel gauge issue

    Hi everyone i have a 2017 busa. Just did some routine maintenance on it like spark plugs air filter oil etc. Now when I turn the key on my fuel gauge is stuck at empty. I already check all the rubber hose and connection to the gas tank but still problem stays the same. Can anyone help me how to...
  2. Kgrey91

    Front fuel tank bolts

    Hey guys and gals, recently got a new gen 2 and most of the bike is totally stock, I’ve swapped a few things here and there for my own taste but the previous owner put one of those aluminium covers that goes on the two bolts at the front of the fuel tank, looks like it’s made of Chinesium and...
  3. Reaper337

    Drilling Fuel Tank Lid Holes?

    I bought an aftermarket fuel tank lid and as per my luck the holes don't line up when I went to bolt it in. The old cap is useless. I have a ride I need to go on tomorrow so I was thinking about drilling new holes around the neck since it doesnt appear to go into the actual tank. Does anyone...