fuel issue

  1. mitchelldanger

    Why do my legs reek of gasoline/exhaust after a ride?

    I'm a new guy, mechanically, and I've come by the mechanics stuff slowly so I would love any help I can get. The bike: I am running an 07' Busa with 16k miles and a Yoshimura twin full exhaust system and minimal modifications AFAIK (I wasn't ever informed about the type of tuning, though I...
  2. S

    2006 Throttle Body Issue?

    My busa has recently started losing gain of rpm once I hit 8-9k rpm. At first I would let off the throttle but I also tried to power through it and it just continues to baug. The FI light comes on immediately when this happens. It runs like a dream all the way up to 8-9k rpm. I have not ran the...