1. N

    3m Perfect It Polish

    Absolutely awesome product! I just repaired my right side fairing repainted it clear coat and 2000 grit wet dry paper.Then I hand polished it with 3m perfect it polish actually made a better than factory finish!
  2. G

    Old Bike New Fairing: Busa07

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I have a 07Busa. I want to change the tail fairing from the original to new tail fairing coming post 08 models. They have small cowls attached on both sides with new back light. I want that. Is it possible to remove the old fairing and replace it with new...
  3. HoseIRMC

    Looking Quick Release Fairing Bolts Like The R1s Have

    Just as the title says. I'm looking to find these quick release type bolts but have no luck. Has anyone seen them there. I don't want to buy an R1 kit just to find out that it wont work on a Gen 1 Busa. Just seeing if anyone has any idea on where I can find something. Thanks!
  4. Fairing removal

    Fairing removal

  5. Fairing removal

    Fairing removal

  6. Fairing removal

    Fairing removal