1. I

    Hayabusa gen 1 1300 GSXR stottering bad throttle response misfiring only under load or half throttle

    Hello hayabusa community, Sorry for my english but i am from germany and try my best. I have a problem with my hayabusa gen 1 engine which is fitted in a desert buggy. we got it from a friend. It was build by an american company and everything worked perfekt. The buggy stood 5 years outdoor in...
  2. Xedrics

    Engine 3D File

    Hello everybody, i am building a Buggy/kart for track use only, my friend and i bought a gen 1 hayabusa yesterday as donor bike for the project. as a CAD Designer, i like to have most of my project worked out in 3D befor i start building in real life, so as the title suggests, i am looking...
  3. ToyBusa

    Gen 2 engine removal clearance issues

    Hey guys, Second time I've had this engine out to replace transmission components. Current situation: Bike is in my garage with the front up on a steering head lift stand, and the rear up on a paddock stand. I have the engine complete free of the bike, with one of those 1500lb atv lifts under...
  4. Cloud Senpai

    Issues with engine noise on 2022 Busa 300 miles

    Randomly today while riding, the engine started make a ticking noise that gets louder with low idle.(letting clutch out from a dead stop) the ticking sound is very noticeable when accelerating in 1st gear. I will be taking the bike in to have it checked, but does anyone else have this issue with...
  5. K

    Engine dimensions?

    Anyone know the dimensions of a gen 2 motor? Im going to be building a cross kart with a hayabusa engine and wanna make sure ill have enough room to fit the engine. Thanks.
  6. L

    Clutch pushrod oil seal & breaking open the engine

    New busa owner here. My first bike was a 2001 suzuki gs500 which I abused and learned all of the maintenance I SHOULD do, but never did. Then my buddy was going to junk a 94 kawasaki zx11 that was in pieces and missing parts which I took home instead a few months ago and now she's running and...
  7. mrbush803

    First startup

    Hey everybody. I recently got my dads Gen 1 Busa. He wrecked it back in 2011/2012 (all cosmetic). Since then, its been sitting in the garage out of the weather and covered up. I replaced oil and filter, plugs, radiator and coolant, clutches, and switched over to a tank with an internal fuel...
  8. Had to replace my frame!!

    Had to replace my frame!!

    Shows the way I did it with a hoist in the garage, alone...
  9. Had to replace my frame!!

    Had to replace my frame!!

    Shows the way I did it with a hoist in the garage, alone...