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    What damper/stabilizer for 2018?

    Been doing some internet searching and so far all I’ve come up with is the lower tree Öhlins damper. The GPR says it’s good up to 16. Not sure what changed after that but it’s the one I’ve primarily been interested in for ease of adjustment. Know Scott’s makes one too but I don’t think they...
  2. P5283281


    Hyper-pro top mount steering damper
  3. P5283280


  4. P5283278


    Top yoke, Hper-pro RSC steering damper, AP Racing radial levers, AIM sports dash
  5. P5283276


    Top yoke, Steering damper, radial levers, Data logger dash
  6. North Texas Gathering

    North Texas Gathering

    Changing out the steering damper oil to 90 wt. Who is next?