1. HayabusaHayes

    Cam chain replacement guide gen 1 help!!

    Does anyone have any information on replacing the cam chain?? I’m a mechanic so I know my stuff but the service manual doesn’t have any information on removing the cam chain itself. I’ve been riding this bike for a few months and It’s had the rattling noise since I bought it. I thought it...
  2. BusaJocky

    Sos! My Girl Won't Start!

    2001 Hayabusa won't start and it's my only means of conveyance! This may be irrelevant: *2007 ecu *full exhaust *supposedly has custom cam (I didn't do it) *gIpro tre I have ridden this bike 18k miles problem free until.. Bike began to run bad and kill battery: *changed rectifier and problem...