1. H

    Rapid Bike Racing + Brock´s exhaust

    Hello friends, I have a doubt, because I intend to put the rapid bike, with youtune, filter k & n, and the exhaust brock´s. And I wonder if anyone has already put the rapid with brock´s. Got maps for hayabusa 2019?Don´t have shift assist for hayabusa...,,only quilk shift...
  2. Stretch

    Hello from UK

    HI Everyone, Just introducing myself and I do have a quick question ! I'm Mike from Lincolnshire, UK and have just bought my 3rd Busa. Was a close call between this and a ZZR1400 but the Busa won.! Comes with a decat Brock's exhaust system. My question is, the one I have bought is a 2003 model...
  3. Roadtoad1340 's L2 Busa

    Roadtoad1340 's L2 Busa

    Roadtoad's Phatt Busa is equipped with; Ohlins FGRT208 big piston fork , Ohlins TTX36 SU026 , Ohlins SD030 damper , BST 3.5" x 17" & 6.25" x 17" rims , Agras Carbon front guard , Magical Racing carbon mirrors , carbon fairing & instrument trim panels & carbon chain guard . F.Fabbri screen ...
  4. B

    Brock Busa Build On Tonight's Episode Of Toymakerz On Velocity Tv

    I make a guest appearance, along with my good friend Robert Fisher of Roaring Toyz, on Velocity TV's new Series ToyMakerz tonight at 8 and 11 PM Eastern and 8PM Pacific. I don't want to spoil the show, but there is also quite a bit of time dedicated to the Ninja H2 in addition to the primary...