1. dorivan marinho

    Rapid Bike Racing + Brock´s exhaust

    Hello friends, I have a doubt, because I intend to put the rapid bike, with youtune, filter k & n, and the exhaust brock´s. And I wonder if anyone has already put the rapid with brock´s. Got maps for hayabusa 2019?Don´t have shift assist for hayabusa...,,only quilk shift...
  2. darkbusa

    2011 Hayabusa with 330 OSD

    2011 with 330 OSD Roaring Toys kit, Brocks Alien Head full system exhaust, PCV, KN filter One owner
  3. Stretch

    Hello from UK

    HI Everyone, Just introducing myself and I do have a quick question ! I'm Mike from Lincolnshire, UK and have just bought my 3rd Busa. Was a close call between this and a ZZR1400 but the Busa won.! Comes with a decat Brock's exhaust system. My question is, the one I have bought is a 2003 model...
  4. Roadtoad1340 's L2 Busa

    Roadtoad1340 's L2 Busa

    Roadtoad's Phatt Busa is equipped with; Ohlins FGRT208 big piston fork , Ohlins TTX36 SU026 , Ohlins SD030 damper , BST 3.5" x 17" & 6.25" x 17" rims , Agras Carbon front guard , Magical Racing carbon mirrors , carbon fairing & instrument trim panels & carbon chain guard . F.Fabbri screen ...
  5. B

    Brock Busa Build On Tonight's Episode Of Toymakerz On Velocity Tv

    I make a guest appearance, along with my good friend Robert Fisher of Roaring Toyz, on Velocity TV's new Series ToyMakerz tonight at 8 and 11 PM Eastern and 8PM Pacific. I don't want to spoil the show, but there is also quite a bit of time dedicated to the Ninja H2 in addition to the primary...