1. loneraider

    Suzi has found a home

  2. S

    2006 Throttle Body Issue?

    My busa has recently started losing gain of rpm once I hit 8-9k rpm. At first I would let off the throttle but I also tried to power through it and it just continues to baug. The FI light comes on immediately when this happens. It runs like a dream all the way up to 8-9k rpm. I have not ran the...
  3. Davidvon

    Puig Racing Windscreen, 2006 Hayabusa

    Here's a short video on the Puig racing windscreen that I just installed on my 2006 Hayabusa. It was easy to install, it fits well, looks good, and it's effective. Ride safely!
  4. F

    Hrd Starting Issues For My 2006 Solved.

    Fuel is the number 1 problem for issues like this. Do not fill your bike up with fuel if there is fuel truck on the premises. The fuel is pump into the holding tanks, and stirs up all the water and sediment in the bottom of the tank. Then you pump all that junk into you bike or cars tank. If...
  5. Davidvon

    Oil And Filter Change 2006 Gen. 1 Hayabusa

    Here's a video that walks you through changing the oil and filter on your gen. 1 'Busa. It's an easy job. Have fun!
  6. F

    Hello Everyone, New To The Busa Sight. Gotta Hum Noise?

    I have a 2006 Busa. I disconnected my battery. Then jump-started the bike twice, I disconnected the jumper box twice. The bike died immediately. Reconnected the battery; I restarted the bike with the jumper box; the F-1 light is on now. I shut the bike completely off, and noticed a humming or...
  7. Davidvon

    Checking Valve Clearances On 2006 Gen. 1 'busa

    Here's a video on checking the valve clearances on my 2006 gen. 1 "Busa.
  8. Davidvon

    Synchronizing Throttle Bodies On Gen. 1 Hayabusa

    Here's a video on synchronizing the throttle bodies on a 2006 gen. 1 'Busa
  9. Jamhuls

    Bike Firing But Won't Run

    I've changed the plugs, drained and cleaned out the tank, and taken the power commander off. It won't start but will turn over until the battery goes dead.