Formerly Sandra Dee (cAp's 2008). This was the first Gen II that I ever rode, back in 2008. When I found out that she was for sale, I couldn't let her leave the family!

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Pros: Nice solid sport tour
Cons: none
Love the machine.
Pros: A great looking sport touring machine. If you're going for both riding styles, this is the way to go to truly have the best of both worlds.
Cons: Absolutely none. Wouldn't mind seeing a sexy passenger on there with you though.
Man, I'm not one for luggage on a sportbike but those tail/bags with integrated turn signals work very well. Must also give you some killer wheelies when they're loaded up. Also curious how the Ohlins improve the handling. No doubt you need a little more spring with extra weight of passenger and payload. I love the Ohlins's I have for my 14 but for cornering stability, I think they really need a good rider to recognize the improvement. It doesn't float around like the stock forks but I'm still not going to push the big bike any harder. For sport riding, I think the busa's stock suspension is quite good for my skills.
Pros: Very handsome machine with nice mods.
Has a great owner history!
It is the same year as my own, so there is that! lol!
Maybe I did know, but had forgotten, but I didn't realize Cap's old Busa was a 2008! For some reason I thought it was newer!

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