Snow white

My 2009 busa with a gsxr tail conversion and some other mods.

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Pros: great looking bike
Cons: N/A
Pros: Defies the conventional. Unique and very pretty without going too far.
Cons: No cons here. I'd love to ride that busa.
Although the hump is probably the most recognizeable halmark of the busa, that Gixxer 1000 tail looks awful damned nice! The clutch cover kanji is also a nice touch. Keep the factory stickers on the frame as long as you need. I still have mine and although I haven't got a clue what they say, they make me feel like the bike is brand new every time I see them. :D
Pros: Nice details on blacking out the front pegs and brake parts. Had to look at my bike to notice all of it.
Cons: N.A

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