Roadtoad1340 's L2 Busa

Pros: Eye candy 4 days
Cons: Too much 4 even Toad to list
All hail KING TOAD at the head of his class for part selection & attention to detail.
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Pros: Who needs a girlfriend? She could never compete!
Absolutely stunning build.
One day I'd like to see the L2 in person, one day . . .
Cons: Bank balance DESTROYED!!
What a fantastic labour of love this beautiful, cared for machine has evolved into.
The best of the best parts and components fitted, carefully thought about and selected by the Toad.
You are to be commended good Sir!
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Pros: Great setup keeping performance and handling in mind.
Cons: None
This is one amazing ride. I would love to see this bike in person and on a track to really put all those high end components to use. The ohlins preload adjuster mounting bracket looks great and flowed with the rest of the “carbon theme” of the bike. Hope to be like you when I grow up. Lol!
Pros: excellent ad ons
Cons: none
Pros: Quality parts added in critical performance areas.
Cons: It's not mine