Ohlins Suspension Install

Installing my Ohlins and a little road test too.
Pros: Suspension upgrades anyone can be jealous of.
Love what you did with body work and it really sets your bike apart from the rest.
Cons: The fact that those fancy ohlins components are not in my Snow White. Lol!
I love what you have done with your bike.! This is an all function bike and the lack of chrome is a big plus IMHO! Hope that my Snow White grows up to be like your busa one day. You should get some lighter wheels for it and that should transform it even more. I know mine felt a lot better once I lost the heavy OEM wheels. Can only imagine how yours would feel with that upgrade on top of those awesome suspenders. Keep documenting your upgrades and sharing with us. They are always a good read.
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1st class parts and job by Willie. Most owners throw funds at HP gains so to see suspension upgrades is a wonderful change of pace to the normal crowd . I'm a lucky guy being fly weight that most fully adjustable factory suspensions work well for me due to design weigh by factory .
I do so desire that rear Ohlins unit for the remote preload adjustment for when adding cargo weight for touring . Great Job again sir !
Pros: Fantastic fitment review Arch , explained it very well indeed . I particularly enjoyed the description one feels from receiving the boxed lovelies , too good !!
Cons: review release too late for my build !!
Excellent pictured review , Ohlins Gold 24K .