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I have a problem please help please.
For 5 months I haven't run my bike because starting cover was broken, and when I fixed it, added new oil and put it on, the oil became white.
Everyone is fixating that the problem is the Head Gasket
but I discovered something that when I drain the coolant water in the radiator, it goes directly into the bottom tank of the oil and drips directly through the screw without starting the motorcycle engine.
What is the reason and how is the solution
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Looks pretty obvious and by what I can decipher of your description it appears that it is the head gasket.
However, the water is not mixed with the oil in the radiator, it is clear. Only it is mixed in the lower oil reservoir
When you increase the water in the radiator, it drains directly into the oil tank, even though the bike is in the engine off position
Drain the oil well maybe even pull the oil pan to clean it
Borrow a Coolant system pressure tester from Autozone or advanced or a buddy and pressure test it
gauge dropping leak somewhere look visually for the leak not hard
As said by the others here, it's most likely going to be a blown headgasket or cracked cylinder head.
If it's too involved for you to repair, take it to a Suzuki dealer/repair workshop to have repaired, or just park it up and store it and just buy another bike, problem solved!
Algeria huh? I didn't think Hayabusas even existed there lol.
we have Hayabusa in Algeria a lot

This should have been posted in another part of the forum as this area is for showing off our bikes not repairing them.

But as others have said, it looks to be a head gasket to me (at minimum).
I found the solution. The matter is simple, no more than $ 1, because it is not a head-pad. Whoever says it is a head-pad is §tupid because he mocked the Algerian people.
My friend in Algeria found the solution because he is very smart

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