Busa & GSX-R 1100 from Switzerland - very remarkable

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Quote / translation of this german motorcycle - newspaper :

Falk Dirla´s ´00 Hayabusa

"Falk's" falcon (peregrine because the ´99 haya goes as fast as he dives while hunting - 340 km/h)


No, this is not a 1989 GSX-R 1100. But a ´00 Suzuki Hayabusa, fantastically finely transformed by the gifted technician and esthete Falk Dirla. The optical illusion is perfect.

"Do not lie! " PS graphic designer Thomas W. just wants to hear the truth.
"But Yes, Thomas, this is really a Suzuki Hayabusa."
It's hard to convince the critical mind.
Okay, the three-piece cladding of a '89 GSX-R 1100 with the 2 ram-air nostrils is too easy to lead on the wrong track.
And with this gloriously yellow foiled "Endurance" headlamp in the characteristic flat front with double lense, the illusion is even more perfect.
But under it everything is Hayabusa: engine, chassis, brake, all really GSX 1300.
So also the fat light metal frame together with the beautiful as well as stable alu schwingarm.

Thomas finally accepted it
and had his eye-opening experience for today.



I tried to translate the first part into English (by Google Translate)


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