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    At last a Busa

    Damn ISR masters, calipers and rotors! Excellent!
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    My new long range build

    Ruger Precision rifle is a beast. Does 800 yards easy out of the box. 6.5 same choice as me
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    Upcoming Canadian Drone Rules

    With the Distance from all airports and Helipads Ontario is basically a no fly Zone. That's radius has to change.
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    Nitrous supercharged compound turbo Waste not want not
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    Best OE brake pads

    They are good but you can go up one and get the next one up EBC Extreme Pro EPFA379. I prefer the Extreme version with an improved brake master.
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    California love, canyon style

    Shipped my Busa down from Ontario. Did Azuza and Hwy 2 on the same day. Talked to a few guys up at Newcombs and they say Busas never go up there. Maybe the air is too thin at 5500ft hahahah. Then again I have preped mine to ride the canyons. Anyone ride the canyon roads? Any other road...
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    Koi suicide

    If they are jumping you have parasites. Treat the tank. Chances are it's flukes.
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    Makes me wonder how many Busas been to Disneyland ? Day prior ran Azusa and HWY 2 in the same day. Fun times.
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    200/55/17 rear tire

    Go with a 200/60 17
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    Am I cheap or is brake fluid stupid expensive?

    Here's a list of various brake fluids. I choose Castrol For it's high wet point. Meaning that as it ages it really doesn't lose much strength. Cheaper fluids will show a lower wet point.
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    Am I cheap or is brake fluid stupid expensive?

    Lol well I payed close to 100 bucks for my bottle of Castrol SRF. Dry and wet boiling points is what separates the good from the amazing.
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    Pirelli Supercorsa V3

    So tweaked pressure more. 31 to 32 Psi fronts is best. Any higher ya gonna have to adjust your suspension if its firm. Rear still not decided. Haven't broken traction yet. Feels like I will need to stiffen the rear suspension. Tire deforms easily to road conditions. Don't like my swingarm being...
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    Pirelli Supercorsa V3

    120/70 But don't believe it hahaha
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    Pirelli Supercorsa V3

    Got these babies installed today. Same as on the Ducati V4S. 200/60 profile on the rear. Even the front has quite a bit more meat on it. Fender is hugging the tire tight! Hahaha. Seriously it lifted the bike up quite a bit. Ya gotta be tall to run these tires. Still tweaking the tire pressure...
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    Anyone own a tractor?

    I have a Massey 4610. Might be a bit larger than you are looking for. What ya gonna use the tractor on?
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    Are HID’s still the best option for headlights

    No worries. For now I threaded the cable thru the boot and closed it up with electrical tape. Great light output btw. From the center lane I can light up all the way to the bushes on either side and easily over a 100 feet ahead. I'll see if I can get good pics to post. Never felt so safe riding...
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    Factory suspension settings

    Recheck your settings. Count the clicks on compression and rebound on both front and rear. Many times the dealership will not even have the clicks matching on the forks. Once you have written down your click settings post them here.
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    How do people steal most bikes?

    After my bike was stolen last year I went with a similar radio frequency system. Here in Canada the company has never lost a bike with this improved radio frequency tracking. Much more reliable than a gpa signal since radio frequency that low will travel thru solid objects and quite far as well.
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    Are HID’s still the best option for headlights

    Yeah I finally figured that out after looking at other motorcycles installation. Some instructions in the box would have been helpful. I had no idea the bulb and retaining ring separated. I'll probably do a write up. I can't be the only fool out there hahahaha.
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    Are HID’s still the best option for headlights

    Got the LEDs in. Low beam was disappointing, high beam is amazing. Good spread to the sides on the low beam though, definitely a plus. I need to level them out and get a good beam pattern. Question how did you attach the retaining clip? I cant figure out how to do it on the low beam. Also how...