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  1. Red05

    What's In Your Glass Tonight?

    Heck yeah! I brew my own. Flavor it with ginger root and radishes. I'm addicted to it :)
  2. Red05

    Mr Brown I need more weight !

    I prefer mixing straight leg deadlifts with squats. Good job C10. Good advice above about keeping the bar up against your shins. The exertion from weightlifting can be addicting :)
  3. Red05

    Ever stop and think

    As George Best put it, "I've spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered". Substitute motorcycles for cars and there you go :)
  4. Red05

    Hello again.

    Glad you’re doing well GM. Thanks for saying hi.
  5. Red05

    List of bikes u guys crashed

    Only one bad one in about 40 years. I got rear ended on a Yamaha Zuma while stopped, waiting to turn left. Police estimated the Corolla was going about 45 mph. It knocked the scooter out from under me and down the street about 100 feet. Meanwhile I flew back into the windshield and flipped over...
  6. Red05

    What is your profession ?

    Springfield, MO
  7. Red05

    What is your profession ?

    I've worked for General Motors all my life; doing tech and service parts assistance. I got tired of it a few years (or tears?) ago and entered pre-retirement working for a local dealership. I might hang it up next month :)
  8. Red05

    I should have taken the BUS

    Nice bike! In the slot in the plastic below the hump on the left side is a solid subframe handhold. I use it putting mine on a rear stand.
  9. Red05

    Seat bag, whaddyathink?

    I use a magnetic tank bag as well. Holds on great; has passed many tests. I like that it's right there in front of you, so no worrying about losing it. Makes a nice cushion to lean on on longer runs too :)
  10. Red05

    Old pics thread

    The bodywork around the hump is interesting on the bike in that video (thanks to RedBull). Be kind of cool to own one of those...
  11. Red05

    Jinkster here swinging by to say Hi...

    Great to hear from you Jinkster. I've never posted much but you and I go all the way back to FZ1 days. I'm glad you're back on two wheels. I have 3 bikes now and for the first time in 40 years own a Honda as well...a 2006 ST1300. Yes, we keep getting older, but riding slows it way down lol.
  12. Red05

    New 'Busa Owner

    Beautiful bike. Congratulations and enjoy :)
  13. Red05

    Issues with my brembo RCS clutch MC.

    mabupa, you're probably not the first or last with that issue; this thread will help someone someday :thumbsup:
  14. Red05

    Old pics thread

    LOL I'd be all over one of those shirts. Good stuff. Thanks Cap :)
  15. Red05

    Classic old 2 Strokes at my workshop today!

    A '74 Mach III was my first true street bike. That thing was a hoot.
  16. Red05

    RJ gota new look .

    No, doesn't move the forks, just raises the clipons' mounting point 1¼"
  17. Red05

    RJ gota new look .

    1¼" Genmar plus Helibars on mine and I had to rotate the switch controls and trim the windshield. Comfort level is great. I can't match C10's precision though...
  18. Red05

    Tool kit question

    This forum blows me away. Good on you Mathew :beerchug:
  19. Red05

    1989 GSXR1100K Ride Report & Review from Downunder

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Kiwi :). My memories are from further back, a '79 GS1000 and an '80 GS1100. The 1100 I named Bigs; it seemed so much bigger than the 1k. Super engine but I was always dragging the center stand on it, it's too bad as it was stable in a hard lean. You're right...
  20. Red05

    Rpilot sport after 30 miles

    +1. My new Dunlop had the same thing. Just get out there and ride it off :)