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  1. Busa Dreamin

    Picked up the Busa today..

    Wow almost like new. My 06 is less than 9 months old and was parked for 2 of those months and has 9000 miles.
  2. Busa Dreamin

    Time to pull out the stops...

    I would pass on the airbox mod, I have recently been told by 2 local tuners that you loose power. The mod opens the airbox to much and causes turbulence. This was proven doing back to back testing. But if you still want it I will swap mine with your stock box and save you the work. You didn't...
  3. Busa Dreamin

    My 2nd Busa , 20 New Photos

    Nice pictures, nice bike, very clean.
  4. Busa Dreamin

    Need New Windscreen

    +1 on the Puig DB I know someone who has a Memphis shades screen, it looks nicer on the bike the lines kind of flow. makes the bike look more like a fighter jet. I think they call it a "cockpit windscreen" Would like to here from someone else that has used both.
  5. Busa Dreamin

    This is Hilarious!

  6. Busa Dreamin

    Where's  JINKSTER

    Wow this turned out to be a great story, I haven't known Bill as long as most around here have but I know he gives and gives. The how to do posts that he has done with the time consuming pictures, and reviews on products he bought. He has helped members that are close to him by working on there...
  7. Busa Dreamin

    ~~ NEWS FLASH ~~

    Looks great, already smiling and not even riding yet.
  8. Busa Dreamin

    Where's  JINKSTER

    It's better to give than receive.
  9. Busa Dreamin

    Where's  JINKSTER

    You the man
  10. Busa Dreamin

    Where's  JINKSTER

    Dakkine2 must live close to him (see post above) and I know he has rode with RideorFish.
  11. Busa Dreamin

    Where's  JINKSTER

    Now that’s the spirit. To runeight
  12. Busa Dreamin

    Finished Performance Modifications

    Let us know how the Factory Pro Superflare Stacks work out. on there site if you click or search under Hayabusa they claim a "HEALTHY +6 to +8 True HP" Sounds like a big claim from what people have gotten from other stacks. I did talk to them and they said they developed them by testing...
  13. Busa Dreamin

    Where's  JINKSTER

    I hope Santa brings you a new battery, You need some riding therapy. Good to hear from you even though it's not the best news. Happy Holidays
  14. Busa Dreamin

    Where's  JINKSTER

    Haven’t seen any posts from him in a while. I always like his comments and helpful info, and just reading his posts in general. Bill where you at?
  15. Busa Dreamin


    1. Okay, okay! I take it back. Unscrew you. 2. You say I'm a BWORD like it's a bad thing. 3. Well, this day was a total waste of make-up. 4. Well, aren't we a damn ray of sunshine? 5. Don't bother me, I'm living happily ever after. 6. Do I look like a people person? 7. This isn't an...
  16. Busa Dreamin

    playing with photo shop

    You going through the Stargate?
  17. Busa Dreamin

    200 MPH pass

    I here tell there is a nice rood down this way it’s about 20 miles wit a lot of nice strait sections and a few nice curves no cross roads. If you have your Speedo pegged you will leave the road 5 or 6 times from some small rises in the road. Talk about a thrill or some would say pucker factor.
  18. Busa Dreamin

    I just can't get the ergos where I want...

    You might try a Tobin seat I have one it lowers your rear about 1 1/4" I have the the 1 1/4 gemar risers and it helped a lot. my bike is lowered 1" front and rear. If that doesn't help go faster the wind will take the strain off your wrists. LOL or trying squezing the tank with your legs. I hope...
  19. Busa Dreamin

    Had a real scare on my ride Saturday

    Wow! That would be an unexpected thrill. On a scale of 1 to 10 what was the pucker factor?