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    Holiday Iron Butt Run

    ah yes I do remember those Margarita's...
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    Holiday Iron Butt Run

    Acehole from one Iron Butt member to another CONGRATULATIONS on joining the club. Wardie IBA,AMA,BMWMOA,BMWRA
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    Any Airheads here?

    You couldn't of picked a more easier, simple motor to work on. Whatever you put into it you'll get out of it when you sell. That probably was one of the last bikes where you could literally tear the entire bike down on the side of the road if you had to. good luck you'll enjoy the ride. Wardie
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    Throttle lock, anybody use it?

    Throttlemeister lasts a lifetime...
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    Ordered helibars, easy to install?

    I installed Heli's last and retained my stock grips. Take a popsicle stick and slightly shave the frront then roll as much of the grip rubber back. Use the posicle stick along with alcohol to loosen the glues grip and it will eventually come off intact ready to be re-used. When routing the...
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    Fuel injection cleaner?

    Techron Syntec formulated to NOT damage FI "O" rings
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    Saddlebag racks

    twisted throttle
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    Saddlebag fitment

    I have 35L RKA bags for sale in the classifieds. They are robin blue like the ones Pashnit shows on the dark blue Busa. Check them out if interested PM and make me an offer. Used once. Probably the best soft lkuggage out there. Wardie
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    03 Busa H7 Low-beam Head Light

    LIBUSA check out my 9007's and H7's Xenon made for motorcycle healight hi and low beams. I don't have the Busa anymore and am selling 2 of it for $30 includes shipping. I tried silverstar. They are okay in cars but the vibration imparted to them from a motorcycle makes them go bad...
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    Tales of a Road Trip (Travelogue)

    Just looked over the very coiol pics Scar. Man you know how to do a road trip right! Thanks for a pick me up early morning riser! Happy Easter. Wardie
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    Deals Gap Report

    Spoke with John Powell owner of Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge and he has indicated the landslide did not block the gap but because of safety concerns Tennessee shut down their section. Today he told me that Tennessee has decided to work with North Carolina and allow next week unimpeded traffic...
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    Sw Motech Racks and Givi Hard Bags relisted

    I just relisted my SW Motech Racks and hard bags for Gen. 1 series . Great Bash take along if you're into riding.
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    AXO Primato Boots in Classified new

    Hey if you're looking for cool boots for the Bash check out Safety Gear in Classifieds.
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    SWmotech racks and Givi bags posted in classified

    I think these only fit Gen 1 but thanks for looking. Have new Shoei for sale just posted it in classified.
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    Pics of some new goodies that arrived.....

    Takeuon those wheels chocks are certainly not only the best but the easist to use as well. My friend has them in his trailer that we borrowed for Daytona and it held my Busa so well that I would not have had to put rear ties downs if I wasn't so chicken. Nice stuff!