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    Tps reading doesn't seem right

    My turbo hayabusa I just built is reading 28% throttle at idle I adjusted the tps to its center position tightened it and it stayed there. It's messing up my mapping for my pcv, any ideas what's up with this dang thing?
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    IAT SENSOR on Hahn stage 1 turbo

    Thanks man, plugged it back in and it cleared the code.
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    IAT SENSOR on Hahn stage 1 turbo

    Hey guys new to the forums, just fired up my new motor tonight and it will not idle. It's throwing an FI code so I jumped the plug with a wire and it's coming up as c21 IAT SENSOR. I already know it's not hooked up because unlike my last air box set up when naturally aspirated this Hahn plenum...