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    Who is the oldest Busa rider on this site??

    I'LL BE 65 In july,still not to old to ride one,have gen 2,love to ride it.Guess I'm a acceleration junkie!
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    Prices paid for brand new 2017-2018 Busa

    I paid just under 12000.00 for new 2018. That's OTD price,tax ,tags doc. Fees,freight plus a set of frame sliders installed. Got it at Delmarva cycles in Maryland. Best price I could find.
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    Brand New 2006

    I would definitely go new. I bought mine last December OTD price at just under 12000.00 and was with a pair of frame sliders installed,brand new 2018
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    New busa after not riding for a year

    Nice looking bike,l got mine last December but only got a few riding days in so far.Weather been pretty lousy for the most. I've been riding most of my life and I was a little concern when I first took it out. My other ride for the past few years which I still have is a honda intercepter. The...
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    Sorry, had to post this

    It's a shame that someone would do that to a motorcycle, but to each own!
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    Laser jammers

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    Laser jammers

    Does he 905 jam the new dragon eye laser?
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    Laser jammers

    Just wondering if anyone has laser jammers mounted to there bike. It seems like the best ones are made by Anti Laser Priority. Seems there one of the few who claims they can jam the new dragon eye. Anyone have any experience where they were hit with laser and jammers saved them from a...
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    Laser jammers

    Anyone have experience with installing laser jammers on busa? And are they worth the money,good system isn't cheap!