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    Anybody have a way that I can get in contact with ThePusherCG ???

    hello friends, i just burnt out on making clutch covers and mirror mods. i guess its been 4 years since i have done any.
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    Kanji Led Mirrors

    old thread, but i like what you did to your mirrors with the duel colors.
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    firm firm beliver in the right to bear arms, i am certifed in two states to carry which covers about 38 other states, also a ffl dealer so yes i love guns.
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    Busa vs. zx-14....who's king now

    ill bite, as a busa lover i still say the rider is the diff between the two.
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    led light clutch cover

    kinda got out of that stuff two years ago, big companys took over you know, as for leaking by a shadetree like me im sure i had a few to leak but so do the big expensive boys also. i know i have fixed a few. in all honesty you only have two options to make it leak proof.
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    Chicago is nutty on guns

    i wish these polticians would understand, criminals do not care about old or new laws, what this dislusional daley fellow is doing only hurts the law abiding citizens, what he wants does nothing to stop illegal use of weapons. proven fact where guns are legal crime rates go down... he is under...
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    Can i use a dry 50 shoot and not hurt motor

    go with 40 shot with the stock, your playing with fire on the 50 you could get burnt.
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    which turbo?

    turbo all the way i have talked to richard at rcc he is a class act and i highly recomend him.
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    Is the Hayabusa right for me?

    no your not crazy, it is a nice crusing bike, you have limited room for accessories , but you would be riding the finest machine money can buy, yes better than the h/d in my opinion. and the bike is so much sexier than any thing else out there.
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    Barrett .50 take a hike

    what a freaking monster. :beerchug:
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    % of 150mph Riders

    been way way past that, and she was a tad oh well alot past stock.
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    Hayabusa at this real ?

    no i read he had recalibrated his speed sensor to give the fast reading.
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    unemployment rate on the org

    have a great job we are booming in the right busness at the right time making rubber and plastic. we have been running 6 days a week since last july. down south here where i live jobs seem to be around everwhere. now our bodyshop has slowed down. not to a crawl,making it ok, but not booming like...