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    Question for guys running Brocks alien head

    Wow this is an old post. I went a whole different route and traded the busa in for a new gsxr1000.
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    1k insurance

    2013 GSXR1000, I pay $360. every 6 months thru State Farm for full coverage. Not too bad.
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    White House Lane splitting petition nationwide

    Signed. With all the bikes I've seen rear ended lately, I would split at lights if legal.
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    new kawi h2

    Saw it in person today. Beautiful bike, minus the wings. Kawasaki rep said the street version gets the exact same motor.
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    Question for guys running Brocks alien head

    I'm looking to buy a full system and love the looks of the alien head. 2 questions. I live in a residential neighborhood and leave for work at 4am. Can I keep the rpms low and creep out without waking up everybody with this exhaust? Secondly, how does the finish hold up on the stainless muffler...
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    Gen II Luggage

    I ordered RKA bags from Pashnit about 2 years ago. I ride to work everyday and utilize the bags. They have held up great with no issues.
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    I would like some dinner before I get f****d

    Just paid my 6 month premium last week. 278.68 thru State Farm and that's the only vehicle I have covered with them.
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    SOOOOOOSick of Winter!

    Pretty chilly here tonight too.
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    For what purpose do you ride your Busa?

    Daily driver rain or shine. Makes the daily grind a lot more fun.
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    New Bridgestone S20

    That would be awesome. I'll let you guys know what kind of milage I get from them on the street.
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    New Bridgestone S20

    I've tried several different tires on the busa and the S20's are my favorite so far. I put a set of the new Q3's on last weekend to try them out. If I don't like them, my next set will be S20's again.
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    Dropped your bike...get famous now

    I actually found a corner in Florida last year....and i wrecked.
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    pistol advice

    Myself, weather it's a .22 or .45, I think I'm going down or running for cover after I've been shot. However, I got into a conversation with a convicted felon about how he landed in prison. He was fleeing from a home invasion and was shot 3 times. His exact words "man, I didn't even feel that 9...
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    pistol advice

    Have you seen the new G30? .45 cal and slightly smaller than the 23.