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    Thank you, Blanca Busa!!!!

    Thank you Blanca! I received mine in the mail today as well!
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    Eagle shots in AK ............. Darkroom cleanout.

    Beautiful birds! My favorite!!! Great pictures!!:beerchug::thumbsup:
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    2 Arkansas officers killed!!

    I drove through West Memphis right after this happend... Very sad situation! Prayers to the families involved!!
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    Engine out and split

    scary stuff! Wish i was close by to witness it and help out!
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    Long time no see!

    Thanks Blue and Bubba! I'll probably get another bike when i retire from Air Force here in a few years.
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    Happy B-Day BlueHaya

    Happy Birthday Rod!!
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    Long time no see!

    my wife had to talk me into it because at first i wasnt sure about it...but after i sat in it and drove it and thought about grew on me real quick! :thumbsup: :beerchug:
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    Long time no see!

    Thanks guys! I'll post up some pics soon...i only have a few cell phone pics right hasnt cooperated in letting me get some good pics with the camera...
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    Long time no see!

    Doing well! Bought a 2010 mustang GT last week! Thought about you when i was driving it home!!
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    More aircraft related stuff

    oldies but goodies!
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    Long time no see!

    Hello all! Its been a while since i've logged in. I sold my bike a few years ago, miss it every day. Alot has changed for me in the last year or so. Moved to a new base, bought a house, military has me travling the world again. 2 years till retirement!! I will ride again one day but for...
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    BlueHaya Pics From Eureka

    great pics Rod! Hope to get another bike and make one of those trips in the future!
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    Mph 200 down - after 30 years

    Glad your here to tell us about it!!