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    Apex 6 Wheels weight vs stock video ;)

    Congratulations these will look amazing on your Hayabusa! I'd absolutely love to get a set for my 2008 orange/black Hayabusa!
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    What race class?

    I wanted to thank you both Red and Popie for taking the time to respond to my question. I'm at work on a pretty busy line so I can't sit down and read a bunch of info or I would have. Thanks again.
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    What race class?

    Yes what class would these bikes run in?
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    What race class?

    Found a video with 2 guys on busa's were racing. They said they were the fastest 60 inch bikes around. Then they said they were 100 % street legal with license plates and insurance... how ever these bikes were slammed with built turbo charged 450-500 HP motors. Can anyone tell me what class this...
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    Tiforce exhaust info please.

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded to this post, especially Frank at Powerhouse. I gave him a ring and he answered all my questions and even tried to locate a name tag for the Tiforce exhaust I just received in the mail. That brings me to the next person I'd like to thank John...
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    Tiforce exhaust info please.

    How many different Tiforce models/styles were made? Whats the best way to identify them. Any info would be great thank you.
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    2008 Orange/black Paint

    I wanted to say thank you for your help. I love my Hayabusa it's the 2nd busa I've had. I wish the drive to modify these bikes was as strong as it used to be. I look forward to reading more of the post on here and hopefully make a few friends in the process.
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    2008 Orange/black Paint

    I'm wondering if the black section of my 2008 black/orange /Hayabusa is the same color black as the all black 2008 bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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    Plasti-dipped Again, This Time It's Bright

    You do such a good job on your bike and make it look SO easy. I scratched my plastic pretty bad last year. If I could do this I wouldn't even sweat it. My hats off to you bud great looking bike... again !
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    08 Busa Refresh

    Man you had a run of bad luck however bad it was the bike looks amazing now. I never thought I'd like that color combo but what ever you have done work's very well! I can't believe how big a difference the painted plastic pieces make. It's a massive improvement.
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    Setting Factory Shift Light

    I should have noticed the green neutral light in the video but I didn't. So side note you can not get to the shift light settings the with the bike in gear. The bike has to be in neutral for this to work. Once again thank you piratediverjefff for your help!
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    Bridgestone Battlax S21

    Terrence what model battle ax ar you running?
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    Woodcraft Keyswitch Harness

    GNBRETT do you actually have this setup or were you just showing an example as to what can be done? If you do have it does it work as good as they say? Thanks for any information you may have.
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    Which Exhaust System?

    Absolutely don't buy the short pipes that just slip on the the factory header. They sound like DOG SH×T. My 2008 busa has a set on from when I just got it not long ago. One of the FIRST things I'm doing is taking them off and getting a full exhaust. Not 100% from who but. Just thought I'd toss...
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    New Look For My Bike

    What turbo system is that? I also didn't see it was boosted until you said something about the wastegate and put the 2nd pic up. That turbo is really tucked in tight. After having a few turbo cars I'm kinda surprised the amount of heat on the hot side doesn't hurt anything or cause problems on...