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    I'll take them. Inbox me
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    Gen 2 busa with a gen 1 wiring harness

    1st thought was that somebody got you and sold you a bike with a swapped frame or motor but. Gen 2 guage cluster? Have you looked over the harness yourself for splices etc? Check the oil pan? Doesn't sound right. I'd get a 2nd look or opinion.
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    Gen 2 fairings going on gen 1 busa

    Mount them before painting them otherwise you could end up wasting time and money.
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    Wheel Swap

    "Home depot" wasnt my words. That was @mabupa
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    Wheel Swap

    Some things aren't worth the trouble and or your life. I'd spend my money on something that is either made for my bike or has hundreds of people who can vouch for it, done it and test it. It's not a seat, decals or paint. These are wheels and on a motorcycle that's everything.
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    Wheel Swap

    Chop doesnt sell any kits for ZX14/10 Wheels, only R1 however according to everyone I've heard speak on his work they're very dependable and safe.
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    Is the right gsxr1000 tail for 08+ busa?

    The kit looks better in my opinion. Atleast the seat does, that busa seat doesn't look right on there. Like bad a toupee. And 600 dollars is not far from the price of the Gregg's kit.
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    stretch question

    4 over trac dynamics arm.
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    Weight lifting .

    Don't count unless you show a video clip pushing the weight.
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    Swingarm Crush Sleeve

    Yes sir. What you want for it?
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    Gen 2 triple tree cover

    Curious why you went through the trouble of changing the forks/trees for the conversion? You could have left that alone. Besides that now you can catch a Gen 2 for 5k to 6k. I did it a few years back and for wasn't worth the time and energy.
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    Mcinstosh Swingarm Cheater OEM ARM 2 inch & 3-6 mcintosh

    Oil pan, swingarm crush sleeve, fairings?
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    Swingarm Crush Sleeve

    Yes sir. What you got?
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    Trying out for NBA

    I'm 5'9" and used to dunk 2 hands...not as impressive I know. But dont worry C10 them guys can't rock wit you on the bench press
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    Trying out for NBA

    Hes 5'5" but I've seen guys shorter than him doing it on YouTube. Theres a guy in there 5'3" doing it to