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    B king turbo kits!!!

    I was saving up to purchase a machinegun, but now................... I might have to buy the turbo for My King! Did you happen to weigh the bike stock and with the turbos mounted?..... wondering how much weight she lost...
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    Another homemade fender eliminator

    I have that same light grafted on my yoshi fender kit and that light is very bright..... Even if it is pointed up and not aimed at the drivers behind you, it is still very visible.
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    control issues

    If you mean the rearsets then....... Sort of... You can use a gen2 Busa's rearsets on a b-king but you have to use a busa's rear brake resevoir also....... Gilles, vortex and a few others do make rearsets for the specifically, but if you already have some laying around better make sure you...
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    De-smogging my King........

    178hp........ Very nice and well deserved after all the hard work and cash you spent.
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    Yosh pipes and Evotech Tailtidy

    You must keep the mid plastic piece to use the tail-tidy..... Some people over at the site has done the exact thing and you should be happy with your setup.... Unless you want to spend an additional $200 on the yoshi fender kit.
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    My B-King Build

    You might be able to adopt a rear subframe for a gsxr1000 onto the kings rearend..... I have seen a showbike with one installed. Just a thought....
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    De-smogging my King........

    Please let us know which black wire from which black harness..... Probably a pic or a diagram....... I'm about to pull the butterfly servo as well so I need to know which wires to pull as well. Thanx
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    ECU Flashing for Bking guys...

    I'm in the DFW area here in Texas, I know most dyno specialists here in the greater area know how to use the dynojet software..... Is there anything special or..... Better yet is there any difference between this interface when professional dyno tuners use it? Well, let me ask......... Is...
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    ECU Flashing for Bking guys...

    Don't know what I mean...... Where do I go to buy this interface/software? I searched the site in your signature and nothing comes up for the B-King......
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    ECU Flashing for Bking guys...

    Ok........ Where do we go?
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    De-smogging my King........

    Please tell how you rerouted the lines for the tank evap canister...... Needing to do this as well.
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    Does anybody know the paint code for '08 GOLD wheels?

    I am trying to paint a few items on the bike the exact same color gold as my wheels and I cant find the dang paint code anywhere. Anybody know it? I have already spent about $200 on caliper paint, and all the golds are not even in the same neighborhood.
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    Anybody running Galfer smoke/carbon SS lines? Pics?

    please do that for me bud..........all I have to do is just press the confirm button on my order. Just making sure the smoke/carbon color is right for me, if not I will just get the black.
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    Who hates gold wheels?

    If anybody in the DFW area needs a set of '08 black wheels, with only 990 miles on them.............I want your gold wheels. PM me and see if we can swap them out.
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    Anybody running Galfer smoke/carbon SS lines? Pics?

    I am about to purchase some lines from Galfer and I have tons of carbon fiber on the bike right now but cannot find a good pic of those smoke/carbon looking lines. I have almost settled on black with gold fittings but want to see what those carbon looking lines look like..........anybody...