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    Post a pic of your busa

    Here is one of mine, I have not got to ride it since Dec. I have had to have another shoulder surgery.
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    how fast have you had it?

    Last Sunday I hit 171 (w/ gps) on the busa (in forth), that is the fastest that I have hit since having it back with the turbo.
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    saw an abomination at the track yesterday

    That is some ugly $hit.
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    BRAC Closures

    Travis is not going any where, and beale is getting realigned.
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    Kill The Zombies!!!

    Here is mine, I am suprised that I can get to it at work.  I don't like the shot gun that thing is to slow. Crap it won't let me post it up and I shrank it? Anyways 326 on stage 21.
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    unwanted turbo wheelies

    I have a turbo busa and have no problems with the extensions. I have the adjustable 2-9" extensions I had them welded in. I do not wheelie and I dynoed 238 whp and 121 wtq. I do not wheelie at all and it will spin the tire when it is cold but other than that it is cool. I have the ones from...
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    Ghetto vs. Velocity

    I have the Stage 1 ghetto kit on mine for a couple of months @ 6#'s and it dynoed at 238whp and 121wtq. It is awesome. I have the dump pipe and love the sound, not to mention when you pass someone or if you are on the interstate. They know that you are there.
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    Reef tank setup

    That sounds pretty easy I might try that on the pearl bubble since is so big.
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    Reef tank setup

    My hammer head is pretty big but I am not sure if I want to split him. How would you split them? I have heard with a sharp chissel.
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    Reef tank setup

    That is cool, kind of reminds me of the gobies that I have they turn the sand over like crazy. Mine stays pretty clean. I really like the bubble anenome.
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    Reef tank setup

    I have another tank (a 125 fresh) I have a 18" Arowana, 6" Midas, 7" Oscar, 7" Manguense, A breeding pair pike, 6" buttekoferi.  I will add some pics tomorrow. <!--EDIT|Rich Reason for Edit: None given...|1114032322 -->
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    Reef tank setup

    Sounds like a nice setup. I have to run my big hose from the top and drain then hook the hose up to a pump to pump in the water from the the trash can (holds the RO water).
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    Reef tank setup

    That is one coral that I want to get (candy cane coral)
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    Reef tank setup

    That bubble tip anenome is awesome. I want to get a bubble tip and/or a rose anenome, and a pair of gold bar maroon clowns.  My lady is about to kick my but if I keep spending money on it.  I am done for a little while (after the cabinets that is).  Next is finishing the backyard and then adding...
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    Reef tank setup

    I hear ya. I spent all kind of money on the sump/refugium/lighting/skimmer. I got a retro kit that has 2 250 metal halides and 2 96 watt 50/50 atinics, then I added my own leds for the "Moon Light". That set me back and then the 100lbs of dead rock/100lbs or live rock, 100lbs of dead sand, 40lbs...