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    OK, Well Rev needed a new tool,

    Re: OK, Well Rev needed a new tool, **Update Dyson Vacuum Still Sucking & New Dyson** OH some of you OGs knew I would dust this gem off... :moon: Besides, thought it would be a good time for an update... Just got NEW Dyson DC-39 "Ball" thingy <----Link for upstairs, and (DrumRoll) The...
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    Comming to America...West Coast and Alaska.

    OH and if you are into Aviation, then the Boeing Museum is worthwhile.
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    Comming to America...West Coast and Alaska.

    Wednesday June 5th, Seattle... It's simple: Follow the tourists, really for the most part. Space needle, (More as a reference point) as the Glass exhibit, pacific science center, etc. right at the base of the Needle is pretty cool. Worth seeing. SKIP THE AQUARIUM Nothing to see here, it's...
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    That first car, your kids and you...

    The reflection appears to be a Toyota Prius... Very Nice... Kidding, Looks like a P car? Maybe a classic v8 P car?
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    That first car, your kids and you...

    Perv... I didn't even mention a wagon, but I like where your head is at. Also, your point is valid, so Sexfruit go in a Volvo Sedan, they make em'. If they've been really good a little Volvo C70 Convertible will go a long ways towards Mom and Dad winning the Cool Parent Olympics.
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    That's good news... I don't mind the added expense of a German car, or in the case of my last one a few trips to the dealership right outta the gate. The way they drive, the way they hold their value, the way they don't look or sound like a CIVIC... :) Seriously though, the TT is a modern...
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    Jumping ship??

    I dunno VA, seems quite a surprise to me that anyone could stand looking at a gen II for this long... :) I mean The Busa was "Box O Frogs ugly to start with, then Gen II and... Dayum, just Dayum. :poke: Spose Gen III might include some of these fancy features like oh I dunno, ABS, maybe...
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    Big big thanks to postal

    POSTAL???? Damn haven't heard that name in oh... 4-5 years...
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    Time for some .gif/.jpg fun. (keep it clean...ish)

    Blast from the past, outta the graveyard... Wow, some of these are antiques at this point... How about one more Antique.... Lets introduce the kids to Techno Viking.... Or as we refer to him locally, Rubbersidedown, the "FUN" years.
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    Retirement Plans

    WHOA WHOA WHOA.... Did nobody catch this? :rofl: Nose hairs maybe? Last time I checked you still hadn't allowed any hair to grow on that melon of your for years... Or is your hair no longer scared, did you ease up on it? I mean it sounds romantic and all, but there's a lot of things I...
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    Retirement Plans

    I didn't plan retirement, it's just sorta rolling out that way. I'm not complaining, hell I'm getting good at dishes even... Planning the finances for retirement though, that's harder. Did shift money from some higher risk mutual funds to more steady funds. Did some shuffling around of...
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    That first car, your kids and you...

    Also, Nothing says I love you like a Beat to hell Volvo. Nothing less sexy on the road, but keeps the Sexfruit safe. :laugh:
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    That first car, your kids and you...

    Only anecdotal but from what I've seen it really does depend on the kind of Offspring. Some you can hand stuff too and they understand that it's a huge awesome thing, treat it like gold and take of business. Others... I dunno doesn't seem to matter they are going to be A-holes no matter...
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    Sing with me now....

    Well Done Sir, now where's the sheet for your Busa? He he, kidding, nice numbers bro, she's healthy...
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    Call of the Canadian... "Eh, what are ya talkin aboot? Eh? Eh?" I mean, HI DaD!

    Dayum, step away for a couple of years and the place goes down hill... Though he did spell bastid correctly, and that's refreshing. :laugh: