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    bt014 ARE THERE 2 DIFFERENT STYLE bt014's?

    IG I appreciate your response.I did'nt know that they were different like the way you explained it to me in general. I'll give a call to BT before I go on and buy the wrong BT014.Thanks again for the help...
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    bt014 ARE THERE 2 DIFFERENT STYLE bt014's?

    Is the BT014 that is on the stock ZX14 the same BT014 that I would get if I ordered or bought 1 through my local dealer? My dealer does not have BT014 in the 190/50/17 but they do have Aa BT014 in a 180/55/17 so I just don't know if that tire would be as stable and the same at high speeds as...
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    and the winner is....

    I think JR sees what lies beneath the big money of nascar.I tryly think he sees hendrick on a personal level as a good guy that cares about his drivers and other teams drivers too.Hendrick is a good honest owner that is friendly too. Plus both he and JR probably will have a real close...
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    What If...

    I'm into the looks.I could deal with that look as long as it flies! But for some reason that headlight reminds me of my XX blackbirds frontend and headlight.
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    Gun Control

    MIAMI INCIDENT YEA NUGE showed true RED WHITE AND BLUE SPIRIT Hes a TRUE WARRIOR that believes in only 1working system anything more would be uncivilized. Heck I agree ,we have to all speak the same foundational language or there will be separation of country always and forver! was built on...
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    Full leathers

    BEST thing I did is go to some big time motorcycle shops ad see i f they have some leather 2 piece suits just for you to get an idea of if ya need to go up or down in size. I found a 2 piece 54 size joe rocket bkl/gry and the jacket fit me perfect but the pants dragged me down becase the inseam...
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    Need Different Exhaust

    Shortened R22's are and looks better too...Thats if your up to the task and have patience. Look up a search for "shortened cans"and see if you like the look. I personally have RS3's and shortened them 5inches which I prefer over cutting them at 9inches offf about half. Its what you like...
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    If it were my bike I would not strap it down so much.You said you strapped it down 1 1/4''to 1 1/2'';maybe thats abit too harsh for launching. You need some suspension up front it actually helps with transfer and with control launching;it will transfer the power smoother and not so abrupt as to...
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    what heat range do u run in plugs

    Just my opinion but with your mods I would not correct the A/F by changing to a different plug. I feel that you should get an BMC or K+N air filter and with the K+N just barely coat the filter with filter oil. I think that would be a better alternative for your fix and you would get alittle...
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    Correct air 5lb rule?HELP

    38 it is I'll try it out tommorrow Thanks for the tip BA BUSA.
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    Correct air 5lb rule?HELP

    Then you should'nt be in the twisty section..You should be in the 18 and under section..
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    Correct air 5lb rule?HELP

    Just wanted to add that I have my sag set correctly for me and I used all jinksters settings except he went 2 full rotations on the rear spring and I went 1 1/2 for my 200 pound weight. I guess I can figure out the proper air pressure to run for 80's temp but what I have a hangup on is going...
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    Correct air 5lb rule?HELP

    Hey guys, I'm  Hoping some one can tell me which way I've gotta tune my air please. Here's the deal. I've got an 06 with bt56 right now until I get some m3's. I'm trying to set my pressures up correctly for the most traction around country curvy roads. I set my front at 32pounds and rear at...
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    traction issues

    OK I'm hooked but Whats your rear tire air pressure set at?? Actually I should ask what was the pressure readibg before you posted and then what is it now that your hooked up?
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    Try 93 octane it may cool it down alittle .