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    Are MREs any good ?

    Well, After getting food poisoning on C-rats twice in the PI, when the "new" MRE's came out we thought they were the bomb! That peanutbutter was in there as an anti-#2 agent! Think of all the money Uncle Sam saved on toilet paper... LOL!
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    05 Busa?

    Oh I definitely will check VIN and title status. Unless it looks pretty bad I'll be on it...
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    05 Busa?

    My son stopped by tonight and told me that there was an 05 Busa for sale for $1500. Supposedly only laid-down once and the riders wife gave him the ultimatum... Haven't seen it yet but perhaps in the next few days. If all is well, I might just snatch it up! Low & long... LOL!!!
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    Clutch adjustment?

    Thanks guys for the response! When we first got it the clutch housing was cracked so I bought a used housing off e-bay or the org, can't remember. At that time I flushed all the old fluid out and replaced it with new. I didn't get a braided cable or anything as the bike had less than 9K miles...
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    Clutch adjustment?

    Is there a way to adjust the clutch on an 02 Busa? I know they are hydraulic and all... Checked in the manual but didn't see anything listed other than bleeding the master cylinder. My sons bike is excessivley hard to push forward when it's in gear with the clutch pulled in (not running)...
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    Husband's ZX-10R WRECKED!

    Here in NW Florida we have SOOOO many Blue hairs and Q-Tips coming down from the North every winter it's a life threatening event to even ride! They will look you right in the eye and pull out in front of you with no regrets... Of course they are driving big tanks and staying in their...
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    Horrible gas mileage?

    Hey everyone! My sons Busa is getting horrible gas mileage. He's telling me that it's worse than my 96 Jeep. My 124" Harley isn't even close to being that bad... I'm thinking perhaps the previous owner had the PC III USB adjusted for max fuel or something for the Salt Flat runs and was...
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    Delmarva Bike Week pic

    Thats not Daytona, FL. It's Delmarva, up in Ocean City, MD.
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    Delmarva Bike Week pic

    Found this on another site but just had to post it here! "Full-face helmet, textile padded riding jacket, long pants and BARE FEET? Now I've seen it all! Seen on west bound Route 50 near Easton. (Photo: Tom Bachur)"
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    Reversal of FL License Plate law

    Perhaps I'm late with this but someone at work told me about the change so I looked it up on the FLDMV website. Sure enough! They have reversed the the "No Vertical Plates" law. Here's the link: DHSMV: 2009 Legislation Affecting Traffic And Motor Vehicle Laws
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    busa/zx14 + kilts = yummy....

    DAMN! Your right, the lass in the middle looks to have the proper attitude associated with a fine Scottish lass... Eyes are getting worse but appears to be Clan Kerr -Tartan? Just about spilled my Guiness...
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    Only 2 kinds of riders....

    Thanks all! We'll get her back on the road this week. Special thanks to my USMC family! I'll be in that gun club till they scatter my ashes! If your coming to NW Florida for anything, give me a shout!
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    Only 2 kinds of riders....

    I'm a HD rider myself but this is the same crap we all face... After re-building my sons Busa, I',m about ready to get one myself! Wife is not having any of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm still working on her...:rofl:
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    Help with sale. think im being scammed?

    After 20+ years in the Corps I can tell just from their language that they are fu*$%#! with you... Nobody in the military (active or otherwise) would use the terminology they did.... Delete their e-mail and be more aware of your surroundings.... Don't be a Sheeple!:moon:
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    Only 2 kinds of riders....

    No, I was just frustrated. I didn't use 911 as I feel that is reserved for life or death emergencies. I have the local PD & SO numbers programmed in my cell though... I have buddies that are LE/Bomb-Techs and they are definitely underpaid and overworked! In my opinion, LE and School...