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    yo my brother! good lookin, glad you got it done
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    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

    snow were going swimming before dinner
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    What did you like the best..

    i dont cook eaither. but i give thanks to the cook. my wife for me dark meat with gravy then a slice of pumpkin pie. have a good safe day but most of all give thanks for all you have
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    The Official "Any Subject" Thread

    just do it
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    The Official "Any Subject" Thread

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    Backrest/luggage rack

    i will mesure it up tonight. very sturdy. not that purdy but the wife or the kids cover it. and never fall off
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    come on in
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    Backrest/luggage rack

    rev performance rack weld a steel plate to it and a ebay pad done. cost 150$ welder was free for me.
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    halloween pics...

    flovor flav. rock on
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    bike may be sold??

    yes got full asking. i knew who ever would come to look at it would buy it.
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    The Official "Any Subject" Thread

    wow we went swimming
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    bike may be sold??

    well the buyer was here today. and i is sold!! whoo. man i will miss it. anyone got a bike i can use??: i`m going to find something old i can. just has to have 2 wheels. i need a sticker for it that says my other bike was a busa cool talk to you later randy
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    The Official "Any Subject" Thread

    I hope not. if it does i will have to read the news paper in the morning
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    New to form

    no pics??? mc ban him! j/k welcome
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    New to the boards

    yo welcome and what color??