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    GEN III for 2012 ?

    I would hold out for that.
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    Any Experience Fighting Non-Compete Agreement?

    I am currently a contracted 1099, commission based only. But I am looking to go into the same business for myself by myself (initially) as I have learned more about the company and am not fond of their advancement requirements. In short they can hold you back as long as they wish even if you...
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    Firefox 3.5 Question...

    I was getting the (Not Responding) message too often and it kept getting stuck/stalling. Back to 3.0 and it's better.
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    Firefox 3.5 Question...

    Ever since I loaded Firefox 3.5 I've started to have navigation problems. I uninstalled and re-installed 3.0 version. I'm running Windows XP Pro. Any known issues/bugs w/ 3.5 like IE 8 has?
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    08' Hayabusa chased by Police (video)

    I believe they stated he got away that night, but surely they got his tag #.
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    08' Hayabusa chased by Police (video)

    Good can see it's an 08' Black/Orange `Busa...needs to work on his braking and turns. Repost? YouTube - police chase motorcycle
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    my trip to Greece, report

    Wow! Thanks that takes me back to my trip top Greece and the Cyclade Islands.
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    This is why folks hate sport bikes.

    So does he not belive in 6th gear or just too dumb to know he has one? This is just another reminder as to why I refrian from buying a used bike.
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    2010 Busa Colors (Stampede)

    DO3, Copper was 2003. Copper/silver was 1999.
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    Aftermarket cans?

    99-2000 models had aluminum frames that were lighter but more prone to weakening under heavy stress conditions. If you are just riding you will be fine, but start doing wheelies, riding aggressive at MGVW and you will be stressing the frame. All I know is that the frames are weaker on these...
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    This will make You LOL! I pity the girl that rode with me last night!!!! OMG!!!

    And you're calling her dumb?! Just busting your ballz a bit. I think the story is hilarious and I would give free short rides for massages any day of the week...hump or no hump.
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    tre on an 08 = junk

    From riding experience on the Gen 1: With TRE off - top speed in mid-high 180s. With TRE on - top speed in high 190s. (These are 'indicated' speeds).
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    This will make You LOL! I pity the girl that rode with me last night!!!! OMG!!!

    You and I think to much a lot my friend. I mean you have to get on the bike just before riding it. How in the hell do you not immediately notice if the hump is on or off when mounting the bike? Funny story, but something is rotten in Denmark.
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    Court Again

    When a DA tried to get a continuance on a BS trespassing charge and the officer didn't show, I told the judge I took time off work/school to travel to court and he threw it out immediately. Don't be afraid to stand up and express to the judge how much you are sacrificing in time/money/effort...
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    new to the board. check out my king, custom frame sliders

    1. Sliders look cool but are too short and look very hollow and will easily bend/break. 2. Are those sliders facing down under the subframe? What are those for?