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    Went for a little 300 mile ride and found on heck of a bridge.

    So its Sunday morning in Salem Va. Decided to go for a little ride. Left out of Salem on RT 311. This road is really fun crossing three mountains into West Virginia. Headed west on I 64 to Lewisburg WV. Nice town to stop and grab a bite to eat. So after a quick bite I am headed West again to RT...
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    Bash attendance list

    Well I was really hoping to make it down. But instead I had to come up north to Philly for personal reasons. But its all good. Yall have fun and be safe.
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    Happy Birthday, Vabs!

    Happy Birthday Vabs.
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    New owner/member

    Welcome to the org and welcome to the best Hayabusa site hands down. Now if I can get a free weekend ill ride over to see ya. Its only 200 miles. Just a warm up ride for me. Lol
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    Pilot Power 3

    Well I installed a set January of this year. Took a trip to Florida. Been riding them all season. Show a little wear. Around 4500 miles so far on this set. I think I'm going to get atleast another 4500. No I don't ride real agressive but I'm not afraid to grind a peg or two. These tires grip...
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    Ecu reflash recommrndations

    Thanks six. Ill let ya know.
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    Ecu reflash recommrndations

    O and not to bash the dealer but i went all the way to Unionville Va at Village Motorsports to get my bike. I only saved about $1500 dollars doing that. Lol
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    Ecu reflash recommrndations

    Yep I didn't want to say names but its obvious that you know what I'm talking about six. 450 is crazy. Cruise is a relative term really. Lol. I like to have fun just not to much fun. Just don't want to make the bike un rideable that's all. I'm just worried about screwing up something.
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    Ecu reflash recommrndations

    No dyno as far as I know. Was just told 450 for the flash.
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    Ecu reflash recommrndations

    I do a lot of interstate and highway riding would a ecu flash benefit me? Just wondering if its worth the price of $450 hear in Roanoke from the stealership.
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    Fall Bash List, Who's Going?

    Ill see what my schedule is like. I usually make a whole days ride out of it anyway. But if I can get down on Friday I will definitely let yall know. Thanks
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    Fall Bash List, Who's Going?

    So I was going to come down on Saturday weather permitting. But I will have to leave the homestead at 3:00 am which would put me there around 8 or so. Will anyone be up and about at the Phillips or would I have to ride down the street on the rev limiter for an alarm clock. Lol
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    Cap needs some input...

    Ya know I haven't been here all that long about two and a half years. My post count isn't very high but I love this site!!!! I have met several people on here some in person others just buy computer. But this forum unlike others feels like family. All be it very dysfunctional at times. LOL...
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    Motorcycle "clubs"

    I agree with Tom. Thats why I ride alone yeahhhhh with nobody else. Lol
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    Busa Rider Down In St Louis

    Sorry to hear this. Prayers to his family.