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    24,000mi This Year

    My 2003 has 22k on it. Some days I ride it two miles to the office and back. And it's not been laid down.
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    Who's humpin'

    Mine has always been on except for a few times when a pretty girl wanted a ride. Sometimes in life we have to make exceptions. I don't really like the look of a Busa with the passenger seat on it. I saw mine in the showroom with the hump on and bought it on the spot. She's a sexy b!tch I tell ya.
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    % of 150mph Riders

    Yes to the question, but the fastest I've been was over 250mph in a head down tracking skydive! A lot safer in the air than on the ground.
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    Insurance quote made me laugh

    $150 a year with state farm but I'm 96/M/No teeth or tickets and my busa has training wheels on it and I only drive it around the block in our retirement home!
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    Just Bought a ZX-1400

    I'm not surprised in the least. He obviously is from the Z generation.
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    Thief Dies riding Stolen Busa

    JUSTICE SERVED Now I don't have to feel bad about my taxes being wasted on feeding and clothing the sorry basstard.
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    dropped busa

    I'm not too sure I'm buying any of this... And if I were you I would start on something smaller. I would never encourage anyone to start off with a busa that has never ridden a bike before. Good luck staying alive dude.
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    ATTN S. FL Busa Riders!!! RIDE TOMORROW!

    I'm already in on a north ride tomorrow with some Tampa sport bike riders. You guys have a nice ride anyway. The weather is going to be perfect!
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    Its finally mine, all mine

    My girl is paid for and so is my truck. I'm putting in a new $20k custom kitchen in the house and paying cash. Only bit of debt I have is company related but that will be paid off by summer. Being self employed helps a little if you want to work hard. It sucks having an excellent credit score...
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    I went for the stealth look too. I got tired of pimply faced kids coming up and relating all of their Hayabusa storied to me in the parking lot. Now I get the occasional "nice bike, what is it?" and I reply....A Vespa!
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    What was the first mod you did

    reflectors then all stickers and graphics. wanted the stealth look.
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    Thunder Beach.... in May

    A good friend of mine in Pcola just bought a new mean streak. We're trying to get together to do some riding so it may be possible we could meet each other there. Panama must be a good four hours from the Tampa area? Not sure my azzz could handle that long a ride on the busa?
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    Who's seen this new Suzuki Model ???

    I'm just not feeling it? It lacks the sexiness factor the busa has...
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    Which Way should I go, RS-3's or D&D bolt on

    Mine with D&D's...Very pleased with them.