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    Helibar input

    I have heli bars as well as the Genmar risers and they are perfect for old bodies with short arms.
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    The first true sportbikes-year make and model

    owned a GPZ 750 factory turbo think it was mid 80's and at the time all the "sport bike" I needed.
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    Waving to cops.

    I always wave and even give them a hard time about riding BMW's and asking them when the city is going to get them bikes that can catch the squids. They use our parking lot on occasion to gear up if the weather starts turning and I always chat with them too. It helps to be kind. Had one or two...
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    Fender Eliminator, Mud Flap

    For some older riders they are called safetly strips
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    Had to defend our honor!

    I just checked the numbers again from Dale and he did run a 9.50 in Sacramento this year on a tuned and lowered bike. Also ran a 9.0 with boost. But he is still a Suzuki guy.
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    Had to defend our honor!

    I know that Dale Walker, of HoleShot Performance did some runs on a stock VMax and did not get those times or even close. I believe he has the numbers posted on his sit on Max Suzuki, not sure he even got those numbers on one he modified.
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    After the Busa

    Well, over 60 and on my 2ed Busa, before that an 09 Dyna Low, before that a GSXR 750, before that 5 Bandits, before that.....there have been a lot and some I would buy again but the Busa is the keeper.
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    you are not old sir, I have a daughter that is 38. But for the boys, 27 and 25, I bought them both SV 650's as first rode bikes and great little bikes they were.
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    S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector)

    It is useful, when I let my boys ride the Busa, I set it in C mode, but me thinks they figured that out real fast cause they always come back with A mode displayed.
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    Last time Im asking this...

    I like Conti Road Attacks.
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    What do ya all do with your stock parts??...

    I have parts for bikes that I have not had for over 20 years.
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    It's snowing in California!

    Enjoy, we just sent it your way from the PNW.
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    Shorty can for '07 sv650s ??

    Check Dale Walker HoleShot performance, he makes a very nice high pipe and he carries the 14 inchers.
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    Need advise on SV650

    a great first bike. Bought both my sons 08's for their first rode bikes and they learned a great deal with them. Basically bullet proof and very forgiving with plenty of power to enjoy the ride. And on the tight twisties they are able to keep up with most other sport bikes. Top speed just around...
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    ok i'm calling in dead

    Don't need to , took an nice hour ride yesterday, a bit brisk and enough to clear the cobwebs.