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    Mods finished with pics. Wheels look crazy!!

    Looks good Bryan. Can't wait to see you in my review. When you wanna help me take mine to get a similar treatment? I talked to the guy at 4 Brothers and he said it would take about 2 weeks. I am ready anytime.
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    What percent of riders have been 150 mph

    I stop looking at the speedo past 100. Just way too off. GPS said 165, though. I think a guy on a 600 said he passed me.
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    Upgrade time!!

    I appreciate the well though out advice and I like the direction you are taking. The more I think about it the more I hate how people tell me the Busa is great until you get it into a turn. I am going to do some serious research on suspension and a track day or two. I am going to put the turbo...
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    Upgrade time!!

    it is an '07 with around 15K on it.
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    Upgrade time!!

    Though I do make it look easy.
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    Upgrade time!!

    Ok, I am coming to terms with doing the work myself. I am just not confident in my ability to install things and have them work exactly the way I want them. Now time for turbo shopping.
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    Upgrade time!!

    Because I don't want to embarress you too much for the time being. I am shopping around for a turbo right now, though. And when I get one, you will help me install it.
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    Upgrade time!!

    The bike is a commuter. 50 miles a daily, but I try not to let that get in the way of CT back road riding. I don't know if I can sit around and wait for the 4 or 5 grand needed for a turbo. That would really make my day. Unfortunately, I am sure my wife would find out about the extra money...
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    Upgrade time!!

    Let me start with a list of what I do have: Full HMF Single side exhaust Power Commander Galfer Brake lines Undertail Garmin Zumo GPS That's what I have for a start.
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    Upgrade time!!

    I guess that's one of the things I was hoping to hear. I know that it is not enough for a cam swap, but I would like some more power of the bike.
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    Upgrade time!!

    I am to the point where I want to put 1500 to 2000 dollars into my bike. I am looking for someone reputable in the North East who work on Busa's. There is alot I can do myself, but if anyone can put me in touch with a good mechanic around the Connecticut area I would greatly apprecaite it.
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    IMS NY and DC

    I am gonna be at the NYC show on Saturday. I will keep my eye out for ya.
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    The Traveling Toaster

    I know some of us here in CT will show the toaster a good time if it is still be handed around. ::cricket, cricket::
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    PICS...CT ride with friends

    That red one looks the fastest of all the bikes!!