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    Gen2 Harness Inquiry

    Got it dude, thanks alot, i will shade the light by black marker
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    Gen2 Speedo On Dune Buggy

    hi, Guys, what do i need to get speedo meter working on dune buggy hayabusa engine? I have full engine harness+cluster harness + gauges cluster? The speedo sensor available in the sprokect cover, what should i do? Shall i connect the speedo connector to the sensor directly and i will get speedo...
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    Gen2 Harness Inquiry

    Thanks dear, Yes i will use gen2 cluster, which LED do you mean bro? I recieved the cluster with two small bulbs attached to the cluster harness
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    Gen2 Harness Inquiry

    good day every one, I have a question regarding the attached photo connector? I am doing a dune buggy and first time to use bike engine, any input will be highly appreciated Thanks in advance