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    MITAS SportForce Plus?

    My T31s are starting to show signs of wear in the front at ard 11k km. They're good I'd say but I'd like to try the Rosso 3s on my busa. Btw the Rosso 3s are 250 (a set/fitted) MITAS are 240 (a set/fitted) in where I live.
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    MITAS SportForce Plus?

    Any reviews? Am currently on Battalax T31s. Looking at either Rosso 3 or MITAS.
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    Rearset Options

    How are the Arashi ones/Danmoto ones? As these are made in China. Have been eyeing on Gilles for a long time...
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    2012 busa wont start when hot

    Try using a lithium battery. I have a few busa's that have the same issue and a lithium battery got it fixed.
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    5/6 False Neutral

    Sometimes my L0 would do the same. From 5th to 6th. It'd miss and jump onto neutral (on the indicator). Then i'd have to kick it again into 6th.
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    SW-motech bracket. Uses original mounting points.
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    Hi there! This is my L0 busa. Got into an accident and got it resprayed to the L7 scheme. Owned this beauty just a year or so. Used to ride a ZX12R. Totally different feeling I'd say!