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    Magazine Subscriptions.....

    Thanks for playing y'all!! I truly appreciate it.. :bowdown:
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    Magazine Subscriptions.....

    So, I know a lot of you don't recognize my name, but some of you will...the deal is that I work for a Hospice now and we are having a Hike for Hospice on November 8th. Well, I'm on the committee and all the committee members have been challenged to raise $100 before July 1st. Some are doing...
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    I have 2 stock windscreens for Generation 1 Busa. I have 2 stock rear blinker sets.. one clear with amber bulbs, and one yellow with white bulbs. (Gen 1) 1 stock exhaust header (Gen 1) 1 stock red brake lense/cover. (Gen 1) 1 set stock rear passenger pegs 1 set stock front pegs, no feelers...
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    Back from the Bash...

    I'm sure we'll be up that way again Ray, it was too beautiful not to and we'd enjoying meeting up with you again. :thumbsup:
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    Thanks for the memories...

    There's a little more to the story. We had purchased an 05 Ultra Glide in January. Good for long hauls, and since I can't see after dark, it was for those rides that would carry on into evening. I LOVED the back seat, big old couch that it was. :laugh: But GJoker was never happy with how it ran...
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    Sunday's Service for Kevin (PICS)

    :down: You will be missed Kevin. Thank you for letting us be a part of you. Beautiful turn out everyone. Thank you for representing all of us that couldn't be there.
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    Kevin (vman1300) is at peace...

    You will be missed beyond words, Kevin. Rest in Peace and know that we carry you with us in our hearts.
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    Another Economy/Job PITA..

    And don't even get me started on the health insurance mess... COBRA??? $500 a month.. puhlease. KMA and all that. Had to apply for health insurance from a major carrier, waiting to see if I'm accepted or not. I was gonna skip any insurance, but riding a motorcycle with no insurance is kinda...
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    Another Economy/Job PITA..

    Yep, I can rant right along with you. Lost my job in Dec after 11 years. Don't know how many resumes I've sent out.. and only one interview, and didn't get it. Then somehow the state of Florida received a "New Hire" notification from my old job and cancelled my unemployment. After...
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    "Hot Busa Babe" bash????

    GJoker and I have been talking about this.. we are going to try and make it. I'm jobless right now, so it depends on if I find a job and the money situation. But we will try. Also be trailering up. And it sounds like the Fairfield Inn is the place to stay. :thumbsup:
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    Veterans Day 2008: A mention of thanks to all our Armed Forces

    Thank you to every soldier that has given, is giving, and will give their service to us and our great country. We can't thank you enough.